FAQ — General

Are your products suitable for all skin types?

The products of our COCO line are ideal to regenererate normal to dry skins. The rich formulas provide dry skin with what it needs: replenishing ingredients that stop the water loss of the skin and keep it perfectly moisturized and soft. Also, the COCO cleansing products purify and detoxify the skin in a very gentle way.

We’ve formulated the products of our ALOÉ line for the normal-dehydrated skin type. The fresh formulas provide all-important hydration to dull and dehydrated skins. The formulas contain beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane and aloe vera and help to reach a more glowy skin.

Our CARA range of products has been specifically developed for use on normal, sensitive skin. It helps to strengthen your skin’s barrier and protect it from harmful environmental influences thanks to its restorative, soothing and antioxidant ingredients.

And because we’re aware that there are other skin types with different needs, we are working on other lines — stay tuned!

Are your products suitable for everyone?

Our products are safe for everyone! They are free from irritating or questionable ingredients. Our ingredients come from natural sources and have been tested and approved for their compliance to EU standards. In addition, all of our products have been dermatologically tested on normal skin at an independent German test institute, where they were rated «excellent».

Please note that the we create products assuming healthy skin. If you have skin allergies or are prone to acne or suffer from some other dermatological diseases, please take the time to carefully check the respective product ingredients before use. You will find all the relevant information on the product packaging, as well as on the product pages of our website.
If in doubt, please consult your dermatologist.
If you wish to use our products on a baby or toddler, please seek the advice of a pediatrician prior to use.
If you are pregnant, we recommend that you check with your gynecologist before using any of our products.

Are your products comedogenic?

Some skin types are more prone to breakouts or acne than others. In this case, you should avoid comedogenic cosmetic products. FIY: comedogenic products contain ingredients that clog the skin’s pores. Our products do not contain ingredients like algae extract, paraffinum liquidum or silicones, which are suspected of causing breakouts. Some of the products in our COCO line do contain coconut oil, which has been classified as potentially comedogenic. If your skin is prone to breakouts, please read the products’ ingredients on our website prior to use to check for any potentially comedogenic components.

When do your products expire?

Unopened products have a shelf-life of 30 months. Most of our products will keep for six months once they have been opened.
You will find the PAO symbol on the packaging of all our products. This shows how long you can use the product once it’s been opened.

Do you use alcohol in your products?

We do not use ethanol, which you probably know as the type of alcohol that dries out your skin.
In case you are wondering why isopropyl alcohol nevertheless appears in our cleansing product COCO FRESH — here is the answer: it is a component of other ingredients, and therefore impossible to avoid altogether. However, because the isopropyl alcohol content is very low and the cleansing foam is rinsed off after application, we don’t see it as a potential stress factor for the skin. In addition, this type of ‘alcohol’ does not affect your ski the way other alcohols do. In the ingredients lists, you will find additional INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient) references containing the word «alcohol». These mainly refers to fatty alcohols (e.g. INCI cetearyl alcohol) which are non-irritating and beneficial for the skin and are widely used in clean cosmetic products.

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